Peter Baine Ltd, General Merchant covering Eastern Waikato & Thames Valley was appointed area agent for New Zealand Insurance providing insurance protection for Domestic, Commercial Business, Farmers & Local Councils & Boards.

This arrangement continued until the late 1930's when New Zealand Insurance, appointed a district representative to work from Peter Baine Ltd's office to service the increasing volume of agency business.


LPA Potter, the former New Zealand Insurance district representative, purchased the business of Peter Baine Ltd and the growth of the agency accelerated.


Don & Val Towes joined Peter Baine Ltd with particular interest in the Insurance business. They quickly set in motion policies to firstly consolidate and then expand the agency coverage.


Don & Val Towes acquired the total insurance business & established it as a stand-alone enterprise trading as Peter Baine (1973) Ltd. Shortly after this, the agency was upgraded to a Chief Agent for New Zealand Insurance. At this stage it was the largest agency outside  the main centres in New Zealand.


With significantly increased demand for wider and varied insurance products, it became necessary to restructure the business to utilise multiple insurance companies both local and international. Following on from this expansion, a more appropriately named company (Towes Insurance Brokers Ltd) was formed.


To further maximise our strength in the marketplace, Towes joins the BrokerWeb Group. BrokerWeb is a consortium of respected NZ owned and operated independent Brokers who recognize the considerable benefit of joining and working together. The BrokerWeb Group manages in excess of $200 million in premium income and as a member it enables Towes to provide critical mass and capability in managing the considerable changes occurring within the Insurance Industry.


BrokerWeb and Brokernet NZ join together creating the third largest broking group in NZ. The new group is known as NZbrokers and includes 87+ members and more than $650 million in premium income. This new group provides significant collective buying power in the NZ Insurance market.